Case Studies

“I just wantrevor 2t to say that these bracelets are such an inspiration to me and they help me stay on track! I look at them constantly to remind myself how far I’ve come since begining my first challenge and also to motivate me to keep moving forward! Body and Soul Transformation Center has been a blessing! Thank you! I am working to get my 40lb bracelet very soon”! – Claudia

“I heard about the 6 week challenge through Facebook when I had seen a past challengers picture pop into my newsfeed. I was immediately intrigued & wondered what it was all about. After contacting Body & Soul, I was excited to go to orientation & find out what it was all about. I have always enjoyed going to the gym, taking different classes & challenging myself…but this was a challenge like no other I have tried. I started the challenge at the beginning of June; I have been on maternity leave since February and have been staying home with my 2 year old & 3 month old daughter. Finding time for myself has not been easy, and taking on this challenge was something I needed to do for myself as I struggled to lose the weight gained in my second pregnancy. From the very first meeting I could tell that the trainers & staff at Body & Soul were unlike any other, they were truly dedicated to each of our successes. Throughout each workout I was challenged, motivated & pushed like I had never been before. I looked forward to each work out. Everyone at Body & Soul is there to support each other, the trainers, staff, & members. It is a community full of support. This experience has given me my confidence back; I found myself feeling so negative about my weight & I did not want that attitude to rub off on my daughters, no matter how young they are! I feel better & stronger than I did before both of my pregnancies and I am full of energy (even when getting up for a 5:30 am workout!) Thank you Body & Soul Fitness for this amazing opportunity!” – Jen

“Body & Soul Fitness has changed my life!! I lost 23 pounds in the last 6 week Challenge! The trainers are incredibly smart and friendly!! The nutrition plan is strict but really works if followed. I can honestly say the workouts are fast and fun!! It is the first program I have followed where you see results this quickly!! Workouts change every 4 weeks so you don’t get bored. And, it keeps things interesting!! I have met so many people along the way who do nothing but encourage and motivate you to keep going strong!! I am proud to call them “family!” Thank you for being the stepping stone to a brand new life for me!!” – Jill